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Whitetail Hunts

Adventure Awaits

Choose Your Ultimate

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with Great North Safari and immerse yourself in the breathtaking natural beauty of Saskatchewan. We offer a variety of hunting options tailored to meet the needs of every hunter, focusing on elite, trophy, and ranch whitetail hunts. Join us to experience the thrill of the hunt in our expansive and pristine settings, where each outing promises a memorable and exciting chase.

Explore our diverse range of Whitetail Hunt packages, each tailored to provide a unique and challenging hunting experience:

Ranch Whitetail Hunt:  Base Hunt Cost: $7,500

Adventure: Join our expert guides on a hunt for magnificent whitetail deer ranging from 150 to 200 inches.

Additional Bucks: Available for $7,000 each, for those wishing to take additional bucks.

Trophy Whitetail Hunt:  Price: $12,000 

Antler Sizes: Embark on a Trophy Whitetail Hunt that promises an extraordinary experience. We offer an incredible opportunity to hunt whitetail deer with antler sizes ranging from 200 to 250 inches, as well as 170 to 200 inches for Typicals.


Elite Whitetail Hunt:  Starting Price: $16,000

Antler Sizes: Our Elite Whitetail Hunt is tailored for those who pursue giant typicals, with antler sizes ranging from 200 to 230 inches and beyond, reaching an impressive 325 to 400 inches or more!

Additional Information: Please get in touch with us directly for more details and specific pricing.

Each package offers a distinct experience, ensuring hunters of all interests and skills can find the perfect match for their next adventure.

What's Included:

Transportation: Round-trip transportation to and from Saskatoon airport.
-Hunting Days: Enjoy a 3-day hunting adventure.
-Accommodation: 4 nights at the Gold Eagle Lodge in North Battleford, located off-site.
-Meals: All food and drinks are included during your stay.
Field Dressing: Professional field dressing of animals.



  -Butchering Services: Access to a local butcher to process your game.
  Taxidermy Services: Coordination with a local taxidermist to preserve your trophy.

Experience a seamless and comprehensive hunting trip with all the essentials covered to ensure a memorable and hassle-free adventure.

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